Apply Online for a (GHIC) UK Global Health Insurance Card
(previously called EHIC or E111 card)

Each person you're applying for will need to provide details of their full name, date of birth and National Insurance Number. If you do not know the dependent child's National Insurance Number, please provide that of the main applicant.

Please note. You MUST live in the UK to apply for a GHIC via this form.

Main Applicant (Over 16)

Spouse / Partner

Dependent Children (Under 16)

Important :

I confirm that I live in the UK.
I confirm that I do not have healthcare cover from another country besides the UK (such as having an S1, E121, E106, or E109).
I confirm that I am not studying or do not intend to study in the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein.
I confirm that all applicants including child applicants live at the same address.
I have read and agree to the website Terms & Conditions.
I understand there will be a charge of £29.98 for this service payable to European Healthcare Advisory.

Please note. By clicking proceed you will be forwarded to our payments processor and will return here on completion of payment.